Migrate domain name to srain.silverrainz.me

Migrate domain name to srain.silverrainz.me#

Since 2017-07-29 Version 0.06, We use srain.im as domain name of this project, 5 years have passed, I decided to stop renewing for srain.im

As you see, the domain name is now migrated to srain.silverrainz.me.

Meanwhile, our homepage/blog (srain.im) and documentation (doc.srain.im) are merged. We now only have a single site (it is srain.silverrainz.me) powered by Sphinx. And we use ABlog extension to provide blog function. The ⛺ SrainApp/srain.im repository will be archived.

The srain.im TLD expires after 19th June 2022, please update your bookmarks as soon as possible, thank you.