Frequently Asked Questions#

Frequently asked questions are listed here, you can visit issue page to see more questions that asked by our users.

Does Srain support Windows?#

Yes, please refer to Windows.

What is “relay message transform”?#

There are many relay bots forward messages from other IM to IRC network, “Relay message transform” make these messages easier to read.

For example, there is a telegram bot named “telegram”, the words in brackets is the named of the telegram user.


Run command /pattern add normal-relay \[(?<sender>[^:]+?)\] (?<content>.*) and /render telegram normal-relay, you get:


For more details, please refer to commands-pattern and commands-render.

Where are the log files?#

Refer to Chat Logs.

How can I send message which has a slash(“/”) prefixed?#

Please prepend another slash to the message.

Refer to Syntax.

How can I remove my stored password?#

Just leave the password entry empty and check the “Remember password” checkbox before connect to server or join channel, the corresponding password will be removed.

Or you can use secret-tool (provided by libsecret) to manage all your stored passwords.

How can I hide JOIN/PART messages of channel?#

So far, Srain has not yet a specialized option for hiding such messages. You can use write regular expression to filter them:

/pattern add filter-join ^\w+ has joined$
/filter filter-join
/pattern add filter-part ^\w+ has left: .*$
/filter filter-part


The content of regular expression depends on your language.

Why can’t I login to my ZNC server?#

According ZNC’s FAQ, way 2, supply your “user@phone/network:pass” (without quotes) in the server password field. Other as usual.


Way 1 in ZNC’s FAQ requires username field can be set via connection panel, which will be supported by Srain in the future.