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Modern IRC client written in GTK.

Packaging Status#



  • Fully open source

  • RFC {1459,2812} compatible

  • Partial IRCv3 support

  • Multi-platform support (Linux, Windows, macOS and BSD)

  • Act like modern IM client

    • Graphical user interface

    • Convenient connection panel

    • Interactive channel search

    • Forward message in one click

    • URL preview

    • Desktop notificaion

    • Special optimization for bridge/relay bot

  • Act like geek IRC client

    • Anything can be done via commands

    • Fine-grained configuration with hot update support

    • Regex based message render and filter mechanisms

    • IPC based plugin system (TODO)

Need Help?#

Frequently Asked Questions may be helpful.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question about Srain.

  • Github: file an issue Here

  • IRC Channel: I’m no longer active on IRC, but you can still ask other users for help on #srain @ Libera Chat


GNU General Public License Version 3